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EMT, AEMT and Paramedic Training

Axon Education, LLC is the host-member of the Axon Education Consortium and provides basic EMS education through Texas EMS School while providing advanced EMS education through the Axon Education Consortium. Axon specializes in providing allied health education via convenient online learning with an emphasis on Emergency Medical Services education. 

EMS School Accreditation & Licensure

Texas Department of State Health Services

Axon’s programs are approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Program completion qualifies students to sit for the National Registry of Emergency Technicians examinations and enables them to apply for certification and licensure.  Axon Education Consortium and Texas EMS School are able to offer you the EMT Basic, Advanced EMT and Paramedic programs.

You may contact the Texas Department of State Health Services EMS Education unit regarding program recognition at:
Texas Department of State Health Services

PO Box 149347
Austin, Texas 78714-9347


The Axon Education Consortium Paramedic program has been issued a Letter of Review by the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP). This letter is NOT a CAAHEP accreditation status, it is a status signifying that a program seeking initial accreditation has demonstrated sufficient compliance with the accreditation standards through the Letter of Review Self Study Report (LSSR) and other documentation. Letter of Review is recognized by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) for eligibility to take the NREMT’s Paramedic credentialing examination(s). However, it is NOT a guarantee of eventual accreditation.

To contact CoAEMSP:
8301 Lakeview Parkway, Suite 111-312
Rowlett, TX 75088
Fax: 214-703-8992

Background & Mission of Texas EMS School

Axon Education’s MISSION is to provide excellent post-secondary education in an effective, efficient, and student-centered manner.

The company was founded in 2016 to serve the Texas firefighting community by
providing EMS educational opportunities that were flexible enough to ensure
success among participants while reducing overhead, inconvenience, and overtime
required to send employees through traditional face-to-face EMS courses.

Axon’s adaptive curriculum provides a highly personalized educational experience based upon a student’s demonstrated success with the course material, which
translates to convenience for the student. Many students complete courses well
before the deadline for the Maximum Course Duration. The flexible schedule and
online components of the program reduce the need for students to miss work or spend time away from family.

Axon is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

The company is based in Abilene, Texas but provides sites
for clinical experiences, field experiences, and skills labs at various
locations around the state.

To find out if Texas EMS School is right for you visit https://www.facebook.com/texasemsschool to see what our current
students have to say about our faculty and staff. Give us a call and ask about
our student satisfaction ratings or our pass rates on the National Registry of
Emergency Medical Technicians examinations.

Axon Education’s VISION is to be recognized as a leader in delivering personalized learning experiences with high student satisfaction.

From Our President

Thank you for your interest in Axon Education – Texas EMS School. If we can serve you in any way we look forward to beginning a dialogue with you, and getting to know you. Our mantra at Axon is the Latin phrase “Primum Respectum Date” which means “first give respect.” We don’t always live up to it, but we try, and we make it a front-and-center affective-lesson in our courses.

For us it primarily means we want to offer respect to our students. It isn’t easy to
face the struggles needed to complete a course or program and begin a new
career, and we want to be seen as partners in that struggle, not one of the
reasons for the struggle. Our courses have rigor, and not everyone passes, but
we believe that if we start by respecting the student we can remove all the
hurdles possible to encourage success.

For our students we want this to be a core lesson about the ethics, professionalism and
character that comes from being a part of the Emergency Medical Services
community. In our clinical rotations, our students are likely to encounter
people who are having one of the worst days of their lives.  Emergencies bring about fear, and fear causes
us to not be at our best. We believe if our students learn to first offer
respect to the patients they serve, they can improve the healing process and achieve
better outcomes.

The decision to become a first responder isn’t an easy one. It takes courage and a
desire to serve others. First responders don’t always receive the respect they
deserve, when people don’t understand what they are called upon to do. But we
hope that our students will earn respect by offering it first to others.

If you are ready to join the EMS community, you have come to the right place to start.

Blessings, KB Massingill Ph.D
President – Axon Education

Contact Us

Calls: 325-218-4444
SMS – Text: 325-218-4444
473 Cypress Street
STE 110
Abilene, TX 79601cpm