Advanced EMT (AEMT)

Online program designed to prepare you to become certified as an Advanced EMT.

Program Overview

Advanced EMT (AEMT) Program

This program is designed to prepare you for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians’ Advanced EMT Exam and to take the next step in your career by becoming an Advanced EMT.

Advanced EMTs provide basic and limited advanced emergency medical care and transportation for patients who access the emergency medical system. Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians function as part of a comprehensive EMS response, and possess the training and skills to perform lifesaving interventions.

This program has been approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and meets the requirements for licensure in Texas.

Interested in the requirements for becoming an Advanced EMT in Texas? Visit the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) website to learn more.

What You'll Learn

Texas EMS School’s Advanced EMT program is designed to prepare you to meet the changing demands of the EMS career field, advance your career, and prepare you for the National Registration of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) Advanced EMT Certification Exam.

NREMT Psychomotor Skills

This program covers the proper order, procedure, and practice required to master skills needed for the National Registration of Emergency Medical Technicians Advanced EMT psychomotor skills competency.

You’ll learn how to perform the following Advanced EMT psychomotor skills with confidence:

  • Patient Assessment – Trauma
  • Patient Assessment – Medical
  • Supraglottic Airway Device
  • Pediatric Respiratory Compromise
  • Cardiac Arrest Management
  • Intravenous Therapy – Bolus
  • Pediatric Intraosseous Infusion
  • Spinal Immobilization – Supine

In addition, each candidate will be evaluated on one of the following randomly selected EMT skills:

  • Spinal Immobilization Seated Patient
  • Long Bone Immobilization
  • Joint Immobilization
  • Bleeding Control / Shock Management

Why Should I Enroll in an Advanced EMT Course in Texas?

There is a difference between a standard EMT (EMT-Basic) and an Advanced EMT. Someone licensed as an AEMT holds greater responsibilities while working on an ambulance. Our online AEMT course is structured for individuals who has already achieved the EMT-B level credentials and wants to grow in their career to assist patients before these individuals reach a physician. If hired by a hospital in Texas, AEMTs might perform the following tasks during an emergency:

  • Begin intravenous (IV) treatments on patients
  • Handle blood specimens
  • Insert and monitor airway devices
  • Identify and manage patient shock
  • Operate a defibrillator
  • Cater to musculoskeletal injuries

Open Your Career Opportunities Through Our Advanced EMT Training

Students enroll in our advanced EMT course in Texas to widen their career opportunities. It’s common for hospitals, fire departments, EMS agencies, and similar organizations to hire AEMTs at a higher pay rate compared to standard EMTs. This is appealing for EMTs who want to push themselves to the next level so they can climb within the ranks of an emergency care or first responder organization.

Texas EMS School’s AEMT program includes 324 hours of instruction time, allowing students to gain an in-depth look at a day in the life of an AEMT. The entire program provides students more time to engage with their ambulance field experience and clinical internship. In total, students can expect to spend 72 hours in an ambulance environment and 120 hours serving in a local hospital to complete their training.

Step Outside the Classroom Format

Participating in an Advanced EMT course used to involve driving long distances for your education and spending hours in the classroom each week. Texas EMS School’s online Advanced EMT program allows you to complete most assignments online from the comfort of your home. You can now train to become an Advanced EMT between work shifts and other obligations in your life. There are no mandatory meeting times for the online portion of the AEMT program, so you can submit assignments, take practice tests, and more on a flexible schedule.

Who Is Eligible for Enrollment?

Our online Advanced EMT course is available for Texas residents who already hold EMT level certification. If you are interested in becoming an AEMT over the course of your career, Texas EMS School accepts students 18 years or older into our AEMT program. You just need to show proof of a high school diploma or GED equivalent and proof of your current EMT certification. Have questions? Contact an Enrollment Advisor to discuss our programs, whether you have a medical background or are just beginning your secondary healthcare education plan.

Pay for School Without Breaking the Bank

At Texas EMS School, we want to make your healthcare education affordable. Students enrolling in our Advanced EMT course can arrange for flexible financing options to help you coordinate low monthly payments. You can spread your education payments out over several months to stick to your financial budget. An Enrollment Advisor can tell you more about opportunities for tuition rebates, discounts, and ways to make payments in advance.

Quick Facts

Program Cost

  • Registration Fee
  • Application Fee
  • Tuition
  • Textbook
  • Online Course Access
  • Navigate 2 Premier Access
  • FISDAP Skills Tracker/ Scheduler
  • ID Badge
  • Drug Screen
  • Background Check

Payment plans available.

Upcoming Courses

We are accepting Advanced EMT students. Please contact us for dates and information.

How It Works

Step 1:


You’ll attend a hands-on Skills Lab where you’ll have an opportunity to learn, practice, and demonstrate your EMS skills.

Step 2:

Skills Lab

You’ll attend a hands-on Skills Lab where you’ll have an opportunity to learn, practice, and demonstrate your EMS skills.

Step 3:

Clinical & Field Training

You’ll attend a hands-on Skills Lab where you’ll have an opportunity to learn, practice, and demonstrate your EMS skills.

Online Coursework

Online Coursework That Works Around Your Schedule.

Becoming an AEMT in the state of Texas is achievable through our online platform. If you have a laptop or smartphone, you have all the technology you need to move through weekly assignments. Our Advanced EMT training program is competency-based, which means your lessons and homework are tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. If you’re struggling with a specific chapter, Texas EMS School offers free online tutoring sessions to help you grasp core concepts.

axon education emt course dashboard

Hands-On Skills Lab

Clinical & Field Training

Hands-On Training Designed to Work Around Your Busy Schedule

During this phase of the program, you’ll gain hands-on experience and have an opportunity to put your skills into practice through real patient contact, while guided by experienced EMS and medical personnel.

You’ll participate in clinical experiences and field experiences at first-responder organizations and major hospitals in Texas. View our map of clinical and field sites to view the locations closest to you.

The Axon program includes time in both the EMS field and the hospital field. Your time in the clinical/field portion of your program is geared towards completing several different skill competencies and patient-type interactions. Your student services advisor will work with you to schedule your field experience and clinical experiences at one of our partner sites.

If you are currently employed by a fire department, first-responder organization, or other healthcare organization, you may be able to complete your field experience or clinical experience through your employer. Contact a student services advisor for details.

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