Retention Rates

Retention Rates are calculated annually for certain programs and are an expression of how many students successfully complete a program compared to the number of students who began the program.  The metric does not include data regarding pre-census candidates, candidates who never achieved full enrollment or students who did not complete the program as a result of an “excluded” circumstance as defined by the institution’s accreditors.


Paramedic Program Retention Rates

  • 2020   90% Retention
  • 2021   84% Retention


NREMT Pass Rates

Axon Education Consortium and Texas EMS School tracks student outcomes related to success with National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) examination results for both the Psychomotor and Cognitive Examinations. Additionally student retention and employment statistics are maintained for accreditation purposes. 

NREMT Cognitive Examination
The following statistics represent students who graduated from an Axon – Texas EMS School course who attempted the NREMT exam.  Data for students who pass the exam is collected routinely throughout the year, however data for those who fail the exam can only be finalized after the end of a 24 month waiting period and is often  published in February two years following the end of each calendar year.  This means that data for the two most recent calendar years may be incomplete.  Note also that this data does not include students who passed an Axon course but chose NOT to attempt the appropriate NREMT exam.  The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) publishes a similar but not identical statistic.*  “None” indicates that there were no students for that particular reporting period.  


EMT Pass Rates

Year  Program name Pass Rate  texas average national average
2019 EMT 83% 75% 75%
2020 EMT 87% 75% 78%
2021 EMT 84% 75% 78%
2022 EMT 88% 77% 79%


Advanced EMT Pass Rates

Year Program Name  Pass rate Texas Average  National Average
2019 Advanced EMT 100% 72% 79%
2020 Advanced EMT 100% 77% 73%
2021 Advanced EMT 100% 75% 79%
2022 Advanced EMT 100% 77% 70%


Paramedic Pass Rates

Year Program Name  Pass rate Texas Average  National Average
2019 Paramedic   89% 86%
2020 Paramedic   86% 85%
2021 Paramedic 100% 85% 85%
2022 Paramedic 100% 87% 86%


*The Texas Department of State Health Services publishes a related statistic on their website.  Note that the statistics above represent all students who passed an Axon – Texas EMS School course who attempted the exam, while the DSHS statistic represents all Axon – Texas EMS School students who attempted an exam within a particular calendar year regardless of when they completed the course.  DSHS results may be found at: https://www.dshs.texas.gov/emstraumasystems/nationalregistry.shtm.  Texas and National averages denoted above were taken from this web site.  Please be aware that this data is rarely static, and data from the NREMT and DSHS public sites changes retroactively from time to time, and while we attempt to refer to them accurately, it is always valuable to obtain this data from the original source.9090%