How Much Does EMT School Cost in Texas?

If you’re considering making a career change, it’s important to know what your decision could mean for your finances. You might be interested in the EMS career path only to be confused by the wide range of prices you see for tuition. How much does EMT school cost?

The price of your training will depend on what’s included with your course. Additionally, shopping around before enrolling in an EMT program can lead to huge savings. Here are a few considerations to think about in relation to EMT training costs in Texas.

Should I Stay In-State for My EMT Education?

EMT training programs in Texas are typically less expensive for state residents. This factor shouldn’t deter you from traveling for your education, but you can expect the total cost of tuition to be higher versus exploring options near your hometown. All states have unique requirements for EMT training and certification, so it’s important that you meet the criteria outlined by the organization running your program.

Applicable EMT Training Fees

Most EMT training programs in Texas cost over $2,000 for several weeks of instruction. Prices fluctuate based on the structure of the course, equipment necessary for success, and what students will gain from the experience. Reading all of the information available about a course will lead to fewer surprises when it comes time to make payments. Look for programs that bundle course materials and equipment into the cost of tuition for transparency.

Students should stay on the lookout for additional fees applicable to a course. The following items may be added to the cost of your EMT training, resulting in a higher total price for your education:

  • Textbooks
  • Uniforms
  • Class materials
  • Lab fees
  • EMT equipment
  • Drug screening

Tuition Discounts and Rebates

How much is EMT school in Texas? You might be surprised to find that organizations like Texas EMS School offer discounts and rebates to help you save long-term. Texas EMS School wants you to be financially stable after your program concludes, so you can speak with an Enrollment Advisor to coordinate a way to pay for school that’s appropriate for you.

We set ourselves apart from other colleges and universities in the area by bundling everything you need to do well in our EMT level program into one affordable price. The cost for our online training course comes to under $1,700, which keeps monthly payments low if you choose to finance your education. You may even be able to save hundreds through our rebate opportunities for tuition:

  • Student success rebates: We offer a $200 discount to students that complete the course on schedule.
  • Military rebate: Save on EMT training costs by stating your relationship to the U.S. military.
  • Upfront payment discount: Get $100 off tuition by paying for the EMT-B program in full.

Choose Texas EMS School for EMT Training

Texas EMS School gives you the opportunity to complete most of your EMT-B coursework remotely. Our programs also allow you to get your secondary healthcare education on a budget so you can advance in your career with your financial goals in mind. Contact us for more information about our training procedures and apply to our EMT program today.