How Much Does Paramedic School Cost in Texas?

Paramedic training can take between one and three years to complete. Working EMTs looking to advance in their careers often turn to paramedic school as a way to increase their salaries, gain more responsibilities in an ambulance, and lead an emergency team. The benefits sound ideal, but how much does paramedic school actually cost?

The total cost of your tuition will depend on your location and what is included within the program you select. If you’re studying in the state of Texas, it’s important to choose a course that makes sense for your financial situation and career goals.

Paramedic School Costs Based on Structure

There are two main types of paramedic training programs available to students. One option is to enroll in a course that leads to certification. The other path involves you attending a college or university for an associate degree in paramedicine science. If you want to work strictly as a paramedic, a certificate program makes sense to accomplish your goals. Someone aiming to work as a physician or assistant in a healthcare setting might opt for a degree-based program. If you are not ready to commit to the degree right up front, there are many schools which will allow you credit for your certification when you get ready to proceed with the degree.

One paramedic course may cost more than another, but that doesn’t mean it is better. Students should always investigate what an organization’s paramedic program can do for them. What is the length of the program, and what internship opportunities are available to you when choosing a specific school? You can expect to spend $10,000 or more for tuition in Texas, but additional fees may apply. Shopping around for your education is an effective way to plan your career journey according to your expectations.

In-State Versus Out-of-State Paramedic Tuition Costs

In some cases, a paramedic program may only be available to in-state residents. Select courses will cost more for those who plan to travel out of state for their education. Tuition prices are also subject to change over time, so finding an accessible paramedic program in a town near you can lead to significant savings.

If you’re a current EMT new to living in Texas, you’ll need to pass an EMS jurisprudence exam before you can continue with your paramedic education. These types of courses provide an overview of EMS laws and regulations enforced by the state.

Online Paramedic Courses to Save Money

Organizations like Texas EMS School can help you achieve paramedic certification without the hefty price tag. Our paramedic course appeals to students living within Abilene, Dallas, Houston, and surrounding locations, as we offer flexible financing options for a manageable monthly payment. While other local schools might tell you your tuition price and charge numerous paramedic training fees, we’ll present you with everything necessary to complete your secondary healthcare education for less.

The total cost of our paramedic course comes to under $7,000. We’ll give you everything you require for online learning and field experiences, such as:

  • A coursebook.
  • Online course access.
  • A paramedic ID.
  • A clothing patch.

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