Fire Departments and Training Partners

Axon and Texas EMS School can provide highly effective training programs for your organization.   We have a network of field and clinical sites, but we can customize a program for you based upon your organization’s relationship to the healthcare systems, and 911 providers in your area. We can optimize your program based on the involvement of your own training personnel and we provide FERPA compliant reports to your training chief to promote individual success of your candidates.

Axon’s programs were designed from the ground up to shorten the training cycle, deliver the highest standard of training, and reduce your department’s training cost. We understand that sending your candidates to a traditional training program can be both costly and time-consuming. 

The Axon EMT program uses a combination of online coursework, hands-on skills sessions, and field experiences to prepare your candidates for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician’s exams. If you have highly qualified personnel wh0 wish to participate in educating your candidates, we will work with you in every way possible as long as we can ensure compliance with DSHS and CAAHEP requirements. 

“We were looking for a course that was affordable, user-friendly, and high-quality.”

Chief Harold Watkins | Melissa Fire Department

Why Choose Axon Education Consortium and Texas EMS School?

No rigid, traditional classroom sessions mean your candidates don’t miss their shifts.

Axon EMS training programs reduce overtime cost for the department by reducing the need for your candidates to travel regularly to a training site for classroom instruction. Our online curriculum is competency-based, and offers highly personalized instruction that can be completed from home or from the department’s training room during a normal shift.

Your candidates can complete many of their clinical and field experiences within
your own department, or at facilities close to home, substantially reducing travel and overtime costs.

Axon maintains relationships with a large number of clinical/field providers throughout the state, and Field-Capstone sites in major metropolitan areas.  Training partners are encouraged to leverage local clinical and field resources by asking them to sign an agreement with Axon as well.  

Axon will work with departments to allow employees to complete clinical, field and capstone experiences as the "third rider" even while on shift, as long as CoAEMSP/CAAHEP requirements are met and they are pre-approved by our medical director. In all cases compliance with DSHS and CoAEMSP regulations are the primary driving criteria.

Sponsoring departments may request FERPA-compliant student-progress reports that create improved student motivation and accountability. This allows local Training Officers to focus attention on their students who may be struggling.  

The Axon system calculates a proprietary weekly scoring system to identify students who may be at risk, and provides a system of badges and rewards to motivate students to excel.  Faculty and staff proactively reach out to students at risk and students may request online tutoring if they need help or encouragement.

Training Officers may layer additional activities or hands-on sessions on top of the standard curriculum to emphasize local protocols or ensure that students are thriving.


You need your candidates to pass and one of the most important factors to student success is whether or not a school's faculty and staff respond to their students in a timely way.  Perhaps the greatest concern we hear voiced from Training Chiefs regarding other online training providers is that faculty are not responsive to student requests.

We ask every student to rate us regarding our responsiveness, and as of February 2021 our historical rating among our students is 4.92 out of 5.00.   Our faculty and staff proactively reach out to students who haven't logged in during the past few days, and we often find ourselves discussing divorces, custody battles, lost family members and a host of other life-distractions.  While these discussions don't specifically move the curriculum forward, they do provide a foundation for mutual trust, which in turns improves accountability, and encourages success.

Students can also easily schedule online tutoring sessions for any purpose online, which means that they can remain engaged in the course material even when they are struggling.

4.92 out of 5.00 isn't high enough, but we are working on it, and we are proud to demonstrate that we measure it with every student.

Our course was developed from conception to be online and to be competency based.  What this means to you is that you have less fear of your candidates failing-out due to a single encounter with a high-stakes test.

We rely on nationally standardized Readiness Exams like most all EMS programs, however our emphasis on psychomotor and cognitive competency means that we treat every course event as a learning opportunity.  Unlike traditional face-to-face courses we are not tied to a 15-week semester.  Over and over fire department have told us that they have invested heavily in the past in traditional programs, that required weeks of activity by their candidate only to fail them out because of  an end of semester high-stakes test.

Like probably every other provider in the state, we won't allow a student to graduate who can't pass the Readiness Exam.  Unlike other providers, we will provide remediation for unsuccessful students and allow them additional opportunities to learn the material and pass the test.


It is great if students complete our course, but it really only becomes meaningful to the training chief, they day the day their candidate receives their passing-test-results from NREMT.  We provide every candidate test-preparation materials and we will even allow students who have completed the course opportunities to schedule tutoring for NREMT exams.

Recruiting and retaining employees is a significant expense, and while there are usually preset hiring and training schedules , it seems like there is always one or two exceptions that are worth pursuing on a one-off basis.  Axon's frequent course start dates allow training officers flexibility to reduce expenses and improve efficiency by having access to multiple start dates.