EMT and Paramedic Training in Austin, Texas

Texas EMS School can help you begin or advance in your career as an EMT or Paramedic. Our education opportunities for students in the Austin, Texas area and across Central Texas make it possible for you to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) Certification Exams with confidence. Passing exams applicable to each course ensures you are eligible for licensure within the state of Texas.

People choose to become EMTs and Paramedics for various reasons. This is why we accept working professionals, firefighters in training, healthcare and EMS professionals, and others from diverse backgrounds into our programs. Our online EMT and Paramedic classes are accessible and affordable for individuals searching for an exciting career journey.

EMT and Paramedic Clinical and Field Experiences in Austin, Texas

If you have dreams of becoming an EMT or Paramedic, Texas EMS School has an online training program that allows you to complete significant portions of your course regardless of where you live. The online portion of our course can be completed anywhere you have internet access! With almost 200 clinical and field sites statewide, we have relationships with hospitals, first responder organizations, and 911 providers in and around most major Texas cities including Austin, Texas.

While the majority of our students attend Skills Labs in our Simulation Center in Abilene, Texas, we also occasionally offer Skills Labs in the Austin area and other locations across Central Texas.

Clinical & Field Experience Locations in Austin, TX and Across Central Texas

EMT and Paramedic students will complete most of their coursework online, however every student is required to participate in clinical experiences at a hospital emergency room and field experiences at 911 providers such as a fire department or ambulance service.


Paramedic students should be aware that while all of our sites are available for developing your Appendix G portfolio, only certain sites are available for your Capstone Experience.


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Testimonials from Austin, Texas Students

We Offer Multiple EMT and Paramedic Courses in Austin, Texas

Working EMTs and Paramedics perform different tasks. Therefore, Texas EMS School offers multiple programs to suit the needs of students from all experience levels. Guidelines for becoming a certified EMT or Paramedic are specific, so each course has its own set of online learning objectives, Skills Labs, and field experiences to educate students on core responsibilities. We ask that students make one visit to our main location in Abilene, Texas, to move through Skills Labs.

Review the details below to see which of our EMT or Paramedic programs in Austin are right for you:

EMT-Basic Course in Austin, Texas

Texas EMS School’s online EMT-B program works well for students in the Austin area.  With no weekly in-person sessions, students will spend more time learning and less time driving. Also, with multiple clinical and field sites in the greater Austin area, students should be able to schedule their clinical experiences nearby.

Students are required to attend a two-day, face-to-face Skills Lab which is most frequently conducted in Abilene Texas (approximately three hours away by car), but occasionally sessions are offered in Georgetown, San Marcos and other Austin, Texas area locations. 

The EMT-B program is open to all individuals 18 years and up with a high school diploma or GED. No healthcare experience is required for enrollment, as this course introduces you to the fundamentals of working as a full-time EMT. Our EMT-B training in Austin, Texas, begins with personalized online coursework to be completed in 18 weeks.

Advanced EMT Course in Austin, Texas

The Advanced EMT course builds on what is addressed in our basic-level program. Enroll in the Advanced EMT course through Texas EMS School if you want to learn about additional lifesaving interventions. Advanced EMT certification in Austin enables you to address medical emergencies beyond the capabilities of a standard EMT, relating to cardiac arrests, pain management, and overdoses.

Paramedic Course in Austin, Texas

Our Paramedic training in Austin like all of our programs, is primarily completed online.  There are no requirements that you travel to a specific site in Austin each week. Instead, you will complete the most of your work online and choose among several of our multiple clinical and field sites to complete Paramedic Field Portfolio (field experiences).

Additionally, every Paramedic student must complete a set of Capstone Experiences in which they act as the Lead Paramedic in a number of different 911 calls. These experiences must be completed at an approved Capstone Field Site.

Students in the Austin area may complete their Capstone Experiences at multiple sites across Texas, but below is a list of those sites located near Austin.


Paramedic students in Austin will also need to complete three two-day skills labs.  These labs are offered at various locations across Texas but are primarily conducted at the Axon Simulation Center in Abilene Texas (approximately three hours drive from north Austin). Depending upon timing Austin area students may be able to schedule a Skills Lab session that is more closely located to them, but students should assume they may have to travel for these limited events. Recent Skills Lab offerings in the Austin area have included Georgetown and San Marcos. A list of current Skills Lab offerings is available online. (Do not register until you have been admitted into the course.)

Our Paramedic training in Austin makes it possible for you to obtain certification within 18 months. The intent behind the Paramedic program is to help students prepare for the NREMT Paramedic Certification Exam for licensure. Paramedics cater to patients needing immediate care before these individuals can reach a doctor or surgeon. Texas EMS School’s Paramedic classes address how to handle emergencies, including open wounds, medication effects, and more.

A trained Paramedic faces life and death situations every day. In some cases, this leads to higher compensation rates if you’re hired by a hospital. Explore your options to take your healthcare career to a new level. The Paramedic program is available to Austin students who have completed EMT-B level training or higher.

Benefits of Being an EMT in Texas

EMTs are in high demand year-round. Unlike other medical professions, the turnaround on training can be completed in under one year, which is a significant advantage for someone trying to change their career. If you enjoy helping others, becoming a certified EMT in Austin might be an excellent move for you.

Our EMT programs are a fantastic way to start in the healthcare industry with opportunities to grow in your career. Use the skills and terminology you learn in Texas EMS School’s classes to better serve your local community.

Why Enroll in Paramedic School Near Austin, Texas?

Adults, teens, and children rely on Paramedics in emergency situations. After completing our Paramedic program in Austin, you’ll be able to diagnose health concerns quickly and come up with an appropriate treatment plan for patients on their way to the hospital.

A Paramedic’s salary is higher than a standard EMT’s in Austin. Texas EMS School does not guarantee employment opportunities after you receive your certification, but becoming a fully licensed Paramedic is a good way to market yourself for a fulfilling career.

Flexible Online Learning Platforms for All Programs

Texas EMS School provides you with a personalized education experience. Both EMT and Paramedic courses are competency-based. Study the curriculum to do well on practice exams, and you’ll receive less homework in return. Complete most of your course objectives from home to save yourself from a lengthy commute.

Payment Plans and Tuition Rebates for Austin Students

Tuition prices for EMT and Paramedic courses are affordable when you enroll at Texas EMS School. Paying for school becomes simple, as our experts connect you to one of our Enrollment Advisors who will help you settle on a payment plan that fits your financial budget. Select payment options are available with zero percent interest to save you money long term.

We’re also proud to extend tuition rebates for qualifying students. Current and former military personnel, nursing students, and individuals who complete EMT or Paramedic programs successfully can get a percentage back on tuition. The following terms apply to rebates:

  1. You have to complete the program on time.
  2. You must submit all payments on time.
  3. You need to show proof you’ve taken NREMT licensing exams once.

Ready to Start EMT School in Austin, Texas?

Texas EMS School accepts applications to our programs all year. You can review our admission requirements online to see what you need to get started. We encourage you to start your application with us today. If you have questions about any of our programs, submit a contact form to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience.

Austin, Texas Resources for EMT and Paramedic

Texas EMS School has contracted with Any Lab Test Now, which has a number of convenient locations across Austin and Central Texas, for drug testing.

Once you have completed the EMT or Paramedic course, the next step is to prepare for and take the National Registry Exam. The NREMT exam is offered a Pearson testing centers, which have several convenient locations across Austin.

After you have completed the course, you’ll need to provide fingerprints as part of the application process to become licensed as an EMT or Paramedic in the state of Texas. Texas EMS School students have several convenient options for fingerprinting across Austin and Central Texas.