Student Uniforms

Students are required to wear Axon Education‘s approved student uniform during skills labs, clinical internship rotations, and field internship rotations.

Axon Education‘s student uniform consists of the following:

Students sponsored by an Axon Education Training Partner may wear their home service’s uniform with their Axon Education student ID during skills labs and clinical or field experiences at their home service or department. All students must wear Axon Education’s student uniform at clinical and field experiences away from the student’s home service or department.

Note: Axon Education has recently transitioned to a standardized student uniform polo. Students who started the program as of June 2023 will be required to purchase the standardized student uniform polo to wear during skills lab and/or clinical and field experiences.

Please note that Axon Education allows tattoos to show while at the skills lab(s), as long as they are not derogatory, sexual, or representing any kind of drug paraphernalia. Students are also able to have stud piercings while at the skills lab(s). Hair needs to be naturally colored. If hair is dyed, it must be a shade of black, brown, red, or blonde. Facial hair must be concealable by a surgical mask. Students must maintain good hygiene. Please note that while Axon Education may allow these standards, it is fully up to the clinical/field sites’ discretion to allow you at their service if they do not hold these same standards. Axon Education students should be prepared to cover up tattoos with clothing, remove piercings, and shave facial hair if requested by the site. 

Students who do not follow Axon Education’s uniform requirements will be sent home from skills lab and clinical/field experiences. 

For questions about Axon Education’s student uniform requirement, contact us at